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~Señor Blas Daniel D’Angelo began honing culinary skills at age 13

~Señor Blas Daniel establishes his own buisness at age 30

~2000 - the D'Angelos move to Columbus, OH from Mendoza, Argentina

and our specialty becomes making special occassion cakes!

~2009 - D’Angelo’s Bakery was established by the family

~2011 - Jorge Rivas begins to add culinary flare to D'Angelo Bakery and

and Luis Falcón begins to help with marketing

~2012 - D’Angelo’s is established and partakes in Columbus's very first

 Festival Latino

~2013 - 2nd Festival Latino & Discovery of Need to change Name

~2014 - Barroluco is born and trademarked

~2016 - Barroluco - Argentine Comfort Food gains a food truck

~2017 - Barroluco wins Best Food Truck:

  * Whitehall Food Truck & Fun Festival

  * Westerville Music & Art Festival

  * Columbus Food Truck Festival

  * 3rd place taken at Springfield Food Truck Competition

~2018 (summer) - Barroluco wins Best Food Truck:

  *Whitehall Food Truck & Fun Festival

  *Westerville Music & Art Festival

~2018 (fall) - Barroluco opens its doors to the public in its first brick and

mortar location!

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